Emotional Intelligence vs. IQ

Which gets better business results?

Written by Deanna Hunter

Recently, I was speaking to a client about the concept of Emotional Intelligence.  He is busy growing his team and developing leadership skills in his organization.   In fact, he is in the midst of hiring a critical role and is using EI concepts to assess his candidates.

I have always been passionate about ensuring that organizations get the right talent on their team.   After all, its ultimately people who create success for a business.  So I often use EI concepts when I’m coaching hiring managers or assessing talent and potential. Understanding if someone is socially aware and self aware, among other things, is critical in figuring out whether they’ll be successful at work.

You may not have heard of Emotional Intelligence.  Or maybe you have but aren’t sure how it might apply to you or your business.  Why  not check out this article, 9 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People by Dr. Travis Bradberry.  Its an easy and interesting read.  It will introduce you to some interesting facts that prove that emotional intelligence is more important for business success than IQ.  I think it will give you some interesting insights into the people you work with.  And, you might even have an epiphany about your own EI!

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