Stop Putting off the People Side of Business

Getting your HR House in Order

Written by Deanna Hunter

putting offStaying on top of the people related side of your business is critical.   As a small business you can’t risk the cost of poor performers, compliance errors, turnover, or planning gaffs.  Consider the possible implications of
things going wrong: the hard dollar costs of fines, the impact of mandatory reinstatement of a terminated employee, paying back-pay or damages, forced sensitivity training, or the damaged reputation as an employer or service provider.

I hear many so-called ‘reasons’ for putting off the people side of business:

  1. My policies are probably not up to date with legislated requirements and aren’t being followed. Not sure where to start…so I haven’t.
  2. My annual performance review process is time consuming and painful. But I don’t know how to fix it…so I don’t.
  3. I have a poor performer who’s impacting the morale in my office but I get queasy every time I think about dealing with it…so I haven’t.
  4. I know I have some opportunities to improve in the HR side of my business but I can’t afford the time or money to solve it…I’ll deal with it later.

There’s no time like the present to do an inventory of what may not be working and get it cleaned up, to avoid the problems later on.  Start by making a list of all of the things that have been niggling at you but you’ve ignored for whatever reason.  For each one, write down a couple of sentences that pin-point the impact of these problems, i.e. what pain its causing you, your customer or your employees.  Get it down on paper, even if you’re not really sure what the root of the problem is.  Once its written down its much easier to prioritize and identify solutions.

Now do some homework.  Look for resources on line that might provide clues for next steps.  Check in with your networking groups and other trusted business colleagues to see how they’ve handled similar issues in the past.  Or engage some outside help to identify the problem and solution, get the work done and provide you some coaching and learning along the way.

If you are thinking about hiring some help, Simon Parkin wrote a great article about what to look for when hiring an HR consultant.

Whatever the people related problem you have in your business – tackle it!  The problem will only get bigger and messier as time goes on.  The New Year is a great time to stop putting off the people side of business.  Get your HR house in order and get a fresh start for the coming year.

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