Improve Productivity via Work-space Design

Four things employees need, to be productive.

Written by Deanna Hunter

The link between work-space design and business results has been made. Multiple times, by many experts. That’s why companies like Google or G Adventures spend so much time and money on their offices.  They know that their work environment impacts engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

Gensler, a global design firm that conducts regular research and studies regarding work-space, says there are four simple things that employees want:
1. individual space that has a functional layout
2. adjustability that allows them to adapt their work-space to their current needs (sitting down, standing up)
3. noise management
4. access to the resources they require

Also, Gensler says that an overall office design that provides multiple ways of working is key.  This includes spaces to collaborate, learn, focus and be social.  For example, individual work spaces (such as cubicles), along with both formal and informal meeting spaces (like couches) makes sense.  Add in a place to unwind, take a break or eat lunch and you have it covered.  So, people can be in the space that makes the most sense for them based on what they are doing and who they are working with.

Take a look at the environment you provide for your employees.  How does it stack up?  Maybe making even a small adjustment can improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

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