Why you should have an HR Expert on speed dial

Written by Deanna Hunter

1928e537I can think of a ton of reasons why every small business should have an HR expert on speed dial.  One reason is that your people are  are a key business differentiator for you.  Another is that it is critical to ensure your employees, the “face” of your company, are the best and most engaged around.  And I know that people can be a strategic priority for impacting your bottom line.

I get it.  Those are all very grandiose reasons to hire an HR expert.  Especially when you are a small business just trying to make ends meet.  I get that many small businesses don’t have the luxury of thinking on those terms.

So here are two other very good business reasons to hire an HR expert:

  • Because you aren’t an HR expert. You could waste a lot of time and money trying to do what an HR expert could in a fraction of the time.   Think about what your time is worth, i.e. your hourly rate.  Now think about where your time is best spent at that rate. I’m guessing it isn’t interpreting pay and vacation legislation, drafting policies, or trying to figure out the most effective way to do a performance review.
  • Because you can’t afford compliance errors.  You need to be aware of at least 5 pieces of labour related legislation.  And you need to weave them into your business practices. Having someone on hand who has seen these laws in operation and knows how they apply to your organization, is an advantage.  Compliance errors are remedied in many ways which can impact you financially and even damage your reputation.  Think cash compensation or damages, fine payment, or employee reinstatement.  These can have a crippling impact to a small business.

Think about an HR expert much like you do your accountant or insurer.  They can help you save time, money and mitigate risk.  And, once you have the basics covered, they can also provide significant strategic insight to your overall business plan.

Perhaps I’m biased.  But saving time and money and avoiding risk is a pretty compelling business need.

If you are thinking about hiring an HR expert, check out this article by Simon Parkin.  “The Top 10 Things to Look For When Hiring an HR Consultant”.  And then call me!

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