Getting Better at Giving Feedback

Practice Makes Perfect

Written by Deanna Hunter

Giving feedback is something that many people struggle with.  We usually fear it because we assume it will create conflict, make someone feel bad, and it is just uncomfortable in general.    At work, not providing feedback can have lots of different effects – pretty much all negative.  Check out my post on this topic at for a quick reminder of some of those negative impacts.

The thing is, giving feedback is a skill you can learn.   And practice makes perfect.  Anese Cavanaugh wrote a great little article for Inc. about the 5 Qualities of Good Feedback.  Take a read and then give it a try.  You can use these tips for both formal and informal feedback opportunities. (I would argue you could use these tips at home with your kids, your spouse, your house-keeper, etc.)  Either way, make sure to spend a little time ahead of your feedback meeting to get your thoughts lined up so that you get the most effective results as possible.

Once you get into the practice of providing good feedback on a regular basis, your people will begin to expect it and you will begin to create a culture of improvement and development.  And that’s never a bad thing.  Oh ya, and you might start getting some good feedback yourself!

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