FAQs: working with Ridgegate Consulting…

Everything you wanted to know &
WEREN'T afraid to ask!

Written by Deanna Hunter

I’ve met with a lot of very interesting business people over the last few months.  Over a cup of coffee, we’ve talked about all kinds of things.  The best way to double the size of a company in three months.  How to handle a sticky ‘sick leave’ situation with an employee.  How the slow-down in the economy is impacting their business.  And why the heck millennials are such a pain in the !@#$!@#.

Those same business people have also asked a lot of questions about Ridgegate Consulting.  Why would I want to work with an HR consultant?  What type of working arrangements can I make?  What experience do I have to make me a good HR adviser?  Bless their hearts.

After lots and lots of talking and way too many coffees I decided it only made sense to write down frequently asked questions, and answers, and make them available on my site for easy reference.  So here they are, Ridgegate Consulting FAQs, for your reading pleasure.

By the way, I’m more than happy to continue meeting with interesting business people in person, drinking even more coffee, and doing my best to answer all questions I’m given.  Go ahead and read the FAQs, but it’s much more fun to chat in person!

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