Employee Recognition

It doesn't have to cost a lot but can make a big impact.

Written by Deanna Hunter

We all know that employee recognition should be personal, relevant and timely.  The advantage for small business owners is that the boss knows everyone by name, knows who’s accomplished what, and knows (or should know) what would be meaningful for each person.  With a little thought and some creativity it can be easy to provide an impactful and cost effective ‘thank you’ for a job well done.

Here are a few simple and free (or almost free) employee recognition ideas that I’ve seen work and might get the creative juices flowing for your small business:

  • Host your regular staff meeting off site once in a while – treat everyone to a coffee at a local coffee shop or a cupcake at a local café/bakery.
  • Post customer thank you notes on a bulletin board so everyone can congratulate the good service.
  • Give a top performer an opportunity to develop even further – have them mentor new hires, or leave them in charge while you are away.
  • Reward good work with a chance to play hooky – give a half day off, extra long lunch, or the go ahead to leave work early.
  • Surprise the team with a trip to see a matinee movie in the middle of the day.
  • Recognize an employee accomplishment or milestone on your company Facebook page.
  • Don’t forget about spouses. Give them flowers, free dinners, or some other “thank you” for the extra hours your employees put in and were away from family.
  • Leave some candy or other energy treats on employee desks on a day that’s been exceptionally tough or long.

I know there are thousands of ideas.  Try a few different things.  Mix it up a little.  And don’t worry about spending a bunch of money.  It really is the thought that counts.


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