Employee Branding and Recognition

Written by Deanna Hunter

With summer here, everyone is busy with outside-of-work dreams and activities. Plans have been made and training started for those adventures to be had and dreams to be captured. When it comes to employee brand recognition, it is about genuinely finding ways to simply and creatively thank them and perhaps even help them realize their dreams outside of the workplace.

Here are a few tips to help build your employee recognition skills:

  1. First, really think about your employees. What can you do that’s creative and meaningful to them? Can you sponsor their bike team; cheerlead at a finish-line; buy tickets to a family event on their holidays; or supply equipment for an adventure?
  1. Remember, they want to be recognized! As Ridgegate Consulting  can attest, this is the number one thing that employees say matters to them the most in the long run. So, make sure you give them a heartfelt, GENUINE THANKS as often as possible. Even better is when you take the time to do something meaningful to back up that thanks.
  1. So, consider making your business their biggest fan (and they will be yours). We always preach about creating a following for your company. That includes turning your employees into your brand ambassadors.
  1. Do use social media and the web to brag about your employees. Take time to profile them. Share what they are up to and the passions close to their heart. Being generous and enthusiastic with your time will payoff ten fold in the end.

Finally, remember that to truly recognize your employees, you need to take the time to know them well enough to discover what matters the most to them.

You won’t be disappointed by the many rewards that come with thanking these very important people on your team.


Written by Suzy Rounce at Switchback Creative.  Switchback is a web and print design company that specializes in creating a following of loyal customers for your business through marketing, strategy and branding.

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