Delegate in order to Scale Your Business – Part I

Written by Deanna Hunter


Photo by Tomas Williams from PexelsIts often the case that entrepreneurs like to operate on their own. Understandable for sure. And it’s a pretty big step, and a bit scary, to bring someone else into the inner sanctum. Delegating can be tough but it is a ‘must have’ if you want to scale your business.

When its just you and perhaps a few others, you are doing it all. You are the head of marketing, sales, IT, finance, accounting, human resources, operations and the list goes on. Obviously, this approach is not scalable. But getting the right people doing the right work will help you get to the next level. You’ll free up some of your own time, and you’ll really begin to drive the business forward. As Peter Drucker said “the bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.”

So where to start? First off, remember that delegating must be done thoughtfully and continually as you expand. Verne Harnish, in his book “Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make it and Why the Rest Don’t” says that to get to 10 employees, founders must delegate activities in which they are weak. To get to 50 employees, they have to delegate functions in which they are strong!

If you are in the 10 employee range, your delegation will be about handing off tasks, such as getting someone else to do the social media posts, or having another team member do the office management work like mail, supplies, coffee, reception and so on. If you are over the 10 people range and heading to 50, you will likely need to begin thinking about handing off an entire function of the company. For example, it may be time to pass on the planning and execution of all business development to someone else.  There may be someone on the team that you trust is ready to tackle this, or you may be on the hunt for a critical hire for the team.

Regardless of whether you are delegating tasks or functions, there are some steps to take to ensure you delegate successfully. Stay tuned for Part II of the Delegate in order to Scale your Business post, where I’ll share some tips for ensuring a successful handover.


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