Define Your Employment Brand

Add Value to Your Bottom Line

Written by Deanna Hunter

Your Company brand articulates to customers what it’s like to do business with your organization.  Similarly, your employment brand tells potential employees what it’s like to work with your organization.  Both should be grounded in your corporate culture and, therefore, intimately tied together.   They are two sides of the same coin.

I recently chatted with Suzy from Switchback Creative about the fact that many organizations miss the boat by paying little or no attention to developing their employment brand or, by being disingenuous (gasp) about what it is, when they do. Having employees who believe in your culture and personally relate to it can only produce better business results.  After all, it’s your people who sell your product, deliver your service, innovate and create your next big thing, solve your business dilemmas and they might even live in the same community as your customers!    They are your brand ambassadors.

Your best bet to get this right is to align your Marketing and HR planning.  Use both your HR and Marketing experts to create a strong employment brand that is aligned with the larger corporate one and works to strengthen it.  Then incorporate it into your recruiting strategy, tactics and assessment tools – and get your employees involved!  There are a few organizations that have done a good job of translating their culture into a brand message and in turn into an effective brand strategy.  Zappos, Hootsuite and a few more are highlighted in this LinkedIn post Inside the Employer Brand.  Oh, and be sure to make good on the employment brand promise through all of your HR practices once you’ve got the new hires on board.

To get some initial ideas about articulating your culture and your employment brand, just ask your employees about their experience.  Why are they working here?  What matters to them?  What value do they get from working with your organization?  why are they working here rather than at a competitor?  You can also check out sites that employees use to rate their employer.  Try Glassdoor to see what current or past employees might be saying.

Defining your brand and making good on that promise to both customers and employees is the ticket to bottom line success.

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