3 Ways to Find, Hire and Employ Top Talent for 3 Months

without paying a dime

My good friend and colleague, Shawn Baldwin, wrote the following post for my blog this month.  Shawn is an entrepreneur, business owner and super star recruiter.  Check out  officejobs.com and Hire 10 to find out what Shawn is up to. As a small business owner I recognize that cash flow is king. My business success or challenge in many ways is defined by economic climate and if I’m making an investment I am always focused on achieving the highest possible Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On the category of Human Resources + Recruitment Process + Talent Attraction

Recruiting in a Slow Economy

Quantity does not equal Quality

If you recruit in Alberta you may be experiencing an unusually high influx of job applicants for your positions.  It could be because you are an amazing organization to work for and you have a highly effective recruiting strategy.  If so, nicely done!  Or, it could just be that our labour market is flooded with laid-off energy sector workers, former Target employees and Shaw Communications people who are anticipating the closure of their call centre Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On the category of Recruitment Process + Talent Attraction

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