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Getting Better at Giving Feedback

Practice Makes Perfect

Giving feedback is something that many people struggle with.  We usually fear it because we assume it will create conflict, make someone feel bad, and it is just uncomfortable in general.    At work, not providing feedback can have lots of different effects – pretty much all negative.  Check out my post on this topic at for a quick reminder of some of those negative impacts. The thing is, giving feedback is a skill you Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On September 21, 2015

What the heck are ‘People Skills’?

I hate when people tell me that they have great ‘people skills’ in an interview.  I don’t know what the heck that means and when I ask them what it means, more often than not they can’t really describe it to me.  Drives me crazy! As a recruiter, and business owner, my goal is to hire the best person for the job every time.  Every job and every team is different so I spend a Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On August 19, 2015

Employee Recognition

It doesn't have to cost a lot but can make a big impact.

We all know that employee recognition should be personal, relevant and timely.  The advantage for small business owners is that the boss knows everyone by name, knows who’s accomplished what, and knows (or should know) what would be meaningful for each person.  With a little thought and some creativity it can be easy to provide an impactful and cost effective ‘thank you’ for a job well done. Here are a few simple and free (or almost Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On July 22, 2015

Employee Branding and Recognition

With summer here, everyone is busy with outside-of-work dreams and activities. Plans have been made and training started for those adventures to be had and dreams to be captured. When it comes to employee brand recognition, it is about genuinely finding ways to simply and creatively thank them and perhaps even help them realize their dreams outside of the workplace. Here are a few tips to help build your employee recognition skills: First, really think Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On July 13, 2015

Resources to support inclusion at work

The US Supreme Court’s recent decision to legalize same sex marriage got me thinking about the LGBTQ community in Canada, and inclusion in the workplace in general.  Beyond the law, there is a compelling business case for inclusion.  Now might be a good time to do a review and refresh of your diversity and inclusion practices to make sure you can take full advantage of all the good things a diverse workforce brings. This topic is not Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On June 29, 2015

Case Study: Conducting a Pulse Check Survey

To identify the way forward for a small company

The CEO of a small company I have been working with was interested in what his employees were thinking and whether there were any hot button issues that could be resolved in order to keep his team engaged.  The organization had just doubled in size, from 11 to 24 in less than six months, and was continuing to grow. The CEO knew that retention of his current high performing team was critical to achieve some incredibly top Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On June 9, 2015

Master Distillers and Barrel Raisers

Reasons I Love HR

Working in HR has given me the chance to interview people from around the world who do interesting jobs.  For instance, a few weeks ago  I interviewed a fellow in Israel via Skype.  His job is to coach neurosurgeons on using the piece of equipment that allows them to probe the human brain.  He often does it over the phone during surgery.  (I skipped the interview question about how he does under pressure!).  I’ve also interviewed a Pickle Packer Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On May 4, 2015

Point out what your Employees aren’t Good At

It will probably hurt you more than it hurts them!

I recently read a short post on The Tim Sackett Project about how to tell an annoying candidate, who keeps coming back to apply for more positions, that they suck.  That they just aren’t going to get hired.   It’s a good post.  You should read it. In case you’re wondering, Tim’s advice on that topic was… just tell them!  That’s it.  I wholeheartedly agree.  I’ve always used this approach for any situation where someone at work sucks at Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On April 6, 2015

FAQs: working with Ridgegate Consulting…

Everything you wanted to know &
WEREN'T afraid to ask!

I’ve met with a lot of very interesting business people over the last few months.  Over a cup of coffee, we’ve talked about all kinds of things.  The best way to double the size of a company in three months.  How to handle a sticky ‘sick leave’ situation with an employee.  How the slow-down in the economy is impacting their business.  And why the heck millennials are such a pain in the !@#$!@#. Those same Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On April 4, 2015