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4 Common HR Myths Debunked

  THERE ARE HR MYTHS – misunderstandings, inaccuracies, whatever you want to call them – that exist in the business world.  Myths that wreak havoc and fear in the hearts of small business owners.  I’m going to attempt to address just a few of them here to provide clarity, insight and hopefully ease some of the stress! HR Myth 1: I should not contact an employee when they are on sick leave It is common for Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On July 18, 2016

Question: Hire a Contractor or Employee?

Answer: It Depends.

I was asked recently for my advice about whether to hire a contractor or an employee to fill a role required at a small business.  I know the business owners were hoping I’d have a pat answer for them.  I didn’t.  I gave them an “it depends” answer instead.  Several items should be considered before getting to an answer. First things first.  You have to be clear on the difference between a contractor and an employee.  Alberta Employment Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On July 15, 2016

Preparing for a Graceful Exit

Choosing & Preparing a Successor Takes Time

The BDC says that 3 in 5 owners of small to medium-sized businesses in Canada are 50 or older and a good many of them have done no planning whatsoever for a business transition, let alone choosing and preparing a successor.   The lack of planning is sometimes about not having the time to think about it. Its often about not knowing how or where to start.  And of course for some its just that they Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On June 14, 2016

Is it Time to Purchase HR Software?

Signs that your small business needs HR automation

I’ve been asked by small business owners about the right time to purchase an HR software system.  In general, HR software systems help to centralize & automate work flows and manage employee information & history.  Every small business needs to do this – whether with paper, spreadsheets and filing cabinets, or with software. In my mind there are two big signs that indicate it might be time to invest in an HR software system. The Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On May 7, 2016

Revisiting Feedback…Give ‘Feedforward’ a Try.

Nobody likes feedback.  It is almost always associated with judgement, its usually negative and in many cases it creates a feeling of conflict.  It has become a dirty word, not just at work but in many aspects of our lives.  In most cases giving feedback is really code for “I don’t like something you are doing and want you to stop”. So why not take a new approach?  Why not try ‘feedforward’? To improve performance, try Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On April 4, 2016

Diversity for Small Business

Its easier than you think!

The Diversity conversation is everywhere.  Think ‘OscarsSoWhite’.  Think Justin Trudeau and his gender-equal cabinet. Both stories created world-wide headlines.  And there are many more.  If you haven’t been paying attention you should.  And not just because of the news.  But because its been proven that diverse companies outperform those that aren’t.  They outperform in financials, in innovation and many other performance measures. As a small business owner you might be thinking that diversity is about Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On March 9, 2016

Stop Putting off the People Side of Business

Getting your HR House in Order

Staying on top of the people related side of your business is critical.   As a small business you can’t risk the cost of poor performers, compliance errors, turnover, or planning gaffs.  Consider the possible implications of things going wrong: the hard dollar costs of fines, the impact of mandatory reinstatement of a terminated employee, paying back-pay or damages, forced sensitivity training, or the damaged reputation as an employer or service provider. I hear many so-called Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On January 17, 2016

What I learned in my first year of business

Happy 1st Birthday Ridgegate Consulting!

I’ve always said that I’ll know when it’s time to move on from a job when I have stopped learning.   With that in mind I can tell you that all indicators point to many more years of work as Consultant and Owner at Ridgegate Consulting.  The amount I learned in my first year of business has been incredible.  Some of it painful, some of it invigorating.  All of it useful. Here are just some of Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On December 9, 2015

Preparing for a Termination Meeting

Getting your Ducks in a Row

Most managers take a lot of time and expend a lot of energy in ensuring that they have done their due diligence when deciding to terminate a poor performing employee.  Important stuff for sure.   Paying some attention to the actual termination meeting itself is also important but often overlooked. The goal should be to get through the meeting without anyone feeling tortured or beat up, and with all parties leaving with their dignity intact.  Here Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On November 25, 2015

Medical Marihuana in the Workplace

Complicated or what?

Over 40,000 Canadians are currently registered to use medical marihuana.  It’s estimated that 500,000 will be using medical marihuana in some form by 2024.   This is definitely something employers should start thinking about – at some point one of your employees may be using medical marihuana at work. It’s a complicated issue and seems to be growing more complicated by the day as new court cases are being fought in many jurisdictions in Canada and Read the full article…

Written by Deanna Hunter

On October 14, 2015