3 Ways to Find, Hire and Employ Top Talent for 3 Months

without paying a dime

Written by Deanna Hunter

My good friend and colleague, Shawn Baldwin, wrote the following post for my blog this month.  Shawn is an entrepreneur, business owner and super star recruiter.  Check out  officejobs.com to find out what Shawn is up to.

As a small business owner I recognize that cash flow is king. My business success or challenge in many ways is defined by economic climate and if I’m making an investment I am always focused on achieving the highest possible value for each dollar I spend. download

People costs are often one of the highest areas of spend as well as the most critical within any business, large or small. We find ourselves evaluating the cost of staffing but also the quality of hire constantly since our very business lives are often left in the hands of those we hire. It’s a difficult balance to try and get the highest calibre talent for the most effective cost.

There are options to help with finding talent, managing your recruitment processes and even hiring people for little to no cost over the first three months of their employment with you.

Tip #1 – Sourcing:

In recent years, one job site has moved substantially ahead of the others. Companies are finding over 2/3 of all candidate traffic coming to their job postings is coming from one source. Indeed.ca has become the clear cut #1 job site in the country and it is free to use on multiple levels. The core to the site is that it automatically looks at the jobs on your site and links to your job from their site – just like Google does for general web pages. It works like a search engine for jobs and people looking for work are heading there before any other source by far. Indeed also allows you to post on their site directly if you don’t have the ability to do so on your own site for free. If you have some budget, there is also an option to sponsor your job postings in order to increase traffic and interest if needed, although that isn’t free, sponsorship costs as little as $5.00 per day.

Tip #2 – Managing Applicants:

In a challenging economic climate you often have unmanageable numbers of applicants. At times of high unemployment hundreds may apply. Indeed has a system that allows you to “pipeline” your applicants using their free Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Pipelining allows you to manage each applicant through the recruitment process until you choose to hire or decline an applicant. There is a number of tools included that help with automating much of the process from listing a candidate as reviewed, contacted, interviewed, shortlisted, declined etc. which helps you significantly with your time limitations which all small businesses face on a daily basis. The great thing about it, is not only its power but you can use all of these tools for free.

Tip #3. Employ someone for 3 months at no cost:

There is another great source in Calgary that helps new or relatively new immigrants to Canada find meaningful work through internships. Historically unpaid internships have been limited to students or new grads. The Government of Canada is now trialing a new program in 3 cities across Canada called Maple 2.0. The program is facilitated by Immigrant Services Calgary and matches employers that are willing to mentor immigrants with highly qualified people that are struggling to find work. They do this through a 3 month internship program. The obvious benefit to immigrants is that they get valuable Canadian work experience and a reference at the end of the internship. The value for employers, other than giving back to the community is that the internship is unpaid over its three month duration thus providing useful work needed by organizations at a clearly affordable rate. The workers are not low-skill or unemployable. These are intelligent, hardworking and highly qualified people that are simply struggling to find employment.

As business owners, we are control freaks. It’s part of our entrepreneurial DNA. We can’t help but feel anxiety and stress over finding people, hiring people and retaining people especially since it isn’t really what we were passionate about when we started the business in the first place. We need good people to make our businesses work successfully and we need to be able to afford it. At a time where we are getting taxed more, charged more for everyday items and in this climate often seeing a decline in revenue there are great resources available to us without breaking the bank.

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